Fourth Street is a community that brings business, residents and visitors together in celebration of independence and diversity. Diversity means everyone looks different and cares about different things. Diversity means each storefront and residence has a personality unto itself. Diversity means we create experiences you won’t find elsewhere. Diversity means that our difference is our biggest strength.

Fourth Street is a creative launching pad for ideas and enterprises. We live in support of originality and independent thinking to create an environment where everyone is free to live and create as they want. The more unique ideas, personalities and lifestyles we have, the better we are and the closer we become.

Fourth Street was born of authentic roots. Nothing has been manufactured. We grew organically from a few personalities with a vision for a completely different kind of culture and experience. We celebrate and use our legacy as a roadmap for the future to make sure we maintain our independence while always making progress and reinventing ourselves along the way. Fourth Street means the freedom to live the way you want, shop somewhere special, and eat something different.